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Python books and snake books in the Reptile Publications range of lizard books include A guide to Australian Snakes in Captivity—the Elapids and Colubrids, Keeping and Breeding Pythons, A Guide to Australian Pythons in Captivity, the Complete Children's Python, the Complete Carpet Python, The More Complete Chondro, Keeping Children's Python and Keeping Carpet Pythons.


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What Snake is That?
Gerry Swan and Steve Wilson
152 Pages
ISBN: 9781877069574
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What Snake is That?

This book is an introduction to those fascinating and often misunderstood reptiles, Australian snakes. From northern hotspots to the temperate areas of Tasmania, What Snake is That? outlines more than 100 of the known Australian species, grouped according to their ecology or behavioural traits.

From the secretive, burrowing Blind Snakes Ramphotphyops to the swift, keen-eyed Whipsnakes Demansia and the lethal Taipans Oxyuranus, scientific and common names are used and identification features and key species pointers are included. The text is supported by extensive, quality colour photography.


People are generally most interested in whether a snake is harmful or what unusual habits it has, so within each family the genera are grouped on the basis of how we relate to them, their ecology or their behavioural traits.


The content includes—Blind Snakes; File Snakes; Colubrids; Homalopsid Snakes; Pythons; Elapid Snakes—dangerous snakes, small nocturnal elapids, lizard-eaters, burrowing snakes; Ornamental Snakes and Mud Adders; Marsh and Grey Snakes; Arboreal Broad-headed Snakes; the Lake Cronin Snake; Bardick and Sea Snakes.


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