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Invertebrates such as scorpions, tarantulas and stick insects are becoming popular in captivity. An excellent book written by Alan Hendersen is Bugs Alive. Another popular book fetaures Tarantulas and Scorpians.

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Tarantulas REDUCED! (slightly damaged)
Jerry Walls
96 Pages
ISBN: 9781882770854
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Tarantulas REDUCED! (slightly damaged)

REDUCED! (was $25)

We only have 2 copies of this book available.  Both are slightly damaged on the covers only, so still readable.

Very few spiders generate the same emotional reaction as the large, hairy tarantula. Despite their stereotypical portrayal in movies, these easy-to-care-for spiders make excellent low-maintenance pets. Designed for the novice tarantula owner, this comprehensive 96-page soft cover manual includes essential advice on selecting, feeding, and caring for your pet, as well as tips on breeding and health maintenance. A special chapter offers up-to-date information on some of the most popular and readily available species such as the Costa Rican striped-knee and common pink-toe tarantulas.

Please note that this title, being published in the USA, features species kept in that country, however general husbandry is applicable to other species. Suited to the novice and specialist breeder.

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