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A Guide to Australian White Cockatoos
Chris Hunt
112 Pages
ISBN: 978 0957702417
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A Guide to Australian White Cockatoos

Richly illustrated and full of practical hints, this well-researched, easy to read book features facets of the author's personal experience with the Australian White Cockatoo family which shine throughout its 112 full colour pages

Management of White Cockatoos
    Purchasing Stock
    Physical Examination
    Transportation; Quarantine
    Catching Nets; Restraint
Housing White Cockatoos
    Aviary Design and Construction (Conventional and Suspended)
    Wire Size and Gauge
    Food and Water Containers
    Night Lights and Security
Feeding and Nutrition
    Carbohydrates, Fats, Protein, Vitamins
    Dry Seed
    Soaked and Sprouting Seeds
    Fruit and Vegetables    
    Seeding Grasses and Weeds
    Supplementary Foods
    Pelleted Food
    Grit and Calcium
    Converting Birds onto a New Diet
Breeding White Cockatoos
    Establishing Breeding Pairs
    Nestboxes and Logs
    Record Keeping
Common Diseases and Disorders in White Cockatoos
    Recognising and attending to a Sick Bird
    The Dead Bird
    Disease Prevention
    Viral Disease
    Bacterial Infections
    Fungal Infections
    Parasitic Worms
    Protozoan Parasites
    External Parasites    
    Heavy Metal Toxicity
    Aggression and Traumatic Injuries    
    Nutritional Problems and Disease
    Feather Plucking and Self Mutilation

All Species chapters include details of Other Names, Distribution, Subspecies, Sexing, Breeding, General Mutations and Hybrids
Sulphur-crested Cockatoo
Short-billed Corella
Eastern Long-billed Corella
Major Mitchell's Cockatoo
Galah - and Galah Mutations

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