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Asiatic Parrots and their Mutations
T & GJJ Bastiaan
560 pages
ISBN: 9090173269
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Asiatic Parrots and their Mutations

This book has become the standard reference on this species in many countries.

All Psittacula species are covered including their:

The focus of the extensive text is on all colour mutations, explanations of correct names and hereditary types. The specifics of breeding management are dealt with under individual species, followed by details of each mutation and the breeding outcomes in that species. The quality of photographs provides the reader with visuals of all colour morphs.

African Ringnecked Parrot
Abyssinian Ringnecked Parrot
Neumann's Ringnecked Parrot
Indian Ringnecked Parrot
Alexandrine Parrot
Andaman Alexandrine Parrot
Laos Alexandrine Parrot
Burmese Alexandrine Parrot
Nepalese Alexandrine Parrot
Slaty-headed Parrot
Finsch's Slaty-headed Parrot
Plum-headed Parrot
Blossom-headed Parrot
Burmese Blossom-headed Parrot
Java Moustached Parrot
Babi Moustached Parrot
Simeulean Moustached Parrot
Andaman Moustached Parrot
Dammerman's Moustached Parrot
Kangean Moustached Parrot
Indian Moustached Parrot
Derbyan Parrot
Malabar Parrot
Emerald-collared Parrot
Longtailed Parrot
Red Collared Longtailed Parrot
Nicobar Longtailed Parrot
Andaman Longtailed Parrot
Natuna Longtailed Parrot
Echo Parrot
Blyth's Parrot
Intermediate Parrot
Newton's Parrot
Seychelles Parrot

Overall an extremely impressive production deserving a place in any Asiatic parrot enthusiasts library.

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