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ABK Publications are publishers of colourful aviary bird books and pet bird books. In addition, Australian BirdKeeper, established in 1987 features colourful information on various pet and aviary bird species including parrots, finches, canaries and softbills, pheasants and ducks, chickens and poultry, pigeons, dove and quail.


The ABK A Guide to bird books feature comprehensive educational literature on bird housing, feeding birds, breeding birds and specific parrot species including Australian parrots such as cockatoos, cockatiels, rosellas, Eclectus and conures, Asiatic parrots including Indian Ringneck parrots, Alexandrine parrots, Malabar parrots and Moustache parrots. There are also specific pet bird books and DVDs.


Finch species include Australian finches such as Gouldian finches and other Australian grassfinches including firetails, parrot finches, Chestnut-breasted Munias, Crimson finches, Diamond Firetail finches, Double-barred finches, Long-tailed finches, Masked finches, Painted Firetail finches, Pictorella finches, Plum-headed finches, Red-browed finches, Star finches and Zebra finches. African finches include whydahs, waxbills and weaver birds.


Other captive birds covered include canaries and softbills, pheasants and ducks, and pigeons, doves and quail.


Pet bird books include the popular Good Bird—a guide to solving behavioural problems and Parrot Problem Solver—solving aggressive bird behaviour in pet parrots and other pet birds.


Pet bird DVDs and pet bird books show you how to teach your pet bird to talk, how to understand your pet parrot body language, training pet birds and training your pet bird for a veterinary examination.


Pet budgerigar and pet cockatiels are popular pet bird books


Other pet birds covered include canaries and softbills, pheasants and ducks, and pigeons, doves and quail. Chickens and poultry books suit the backyard hobbyist who like to culture their own eggs at home. Suitable poultry breeds and health and diseases in chickens are included in the range.





Reptile Publications produce Australian reptile books including amphibian books on Australian frogs and Australian turtles, as well as Australian invertebrates in captivity. Reptile books include lizard books such as the Australian skink book, Australian monitor book, Australian dragon book and an Australian gecko book. There are reptile books more suited to the beginner reptile and lizard keeper in the Australian Reptile Keeper series which features books on Blue-tongued Lizards, geckos and water dragons. Australian long-necked turtles and short-necked turtles are basic beginner books and there are also a couple of frog books. Snake books and python books are also popular and gaining recent interest is keeping invertefbrates and insects in captivity.





BirdKeeper Magazine

The Australian BirdKeeper bird magazine covers a variety of birds including parrots and finches with articles on health and disease in birds written by a bird vet, pet parrot pointers aimed at pet parrot owners explaining how to train and how to cope with behavioural issues, written by a specialist bird behaviourist. Articles on keeping, breeding, handrearing, incubation, housing, feeding and health of Australian parrots are written by specialist parrot breeders. Supporters of bird and parrot conservation, Australian Birdkeeper features regular columns on parrot conservation such as the intiatives of the World Parrot Trust, captive breeding programs and Loro Parque Fundacion. Finches are popular species and there are articles devoted to breeding finches, written by specialist finch breeders in each issue of Australian BirdKeeper magazine. New book and DVDs are reviewed each issue. The educational articles on all bird species are suited to the experienced bird breeder and beginner bird breeder alike.


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