Overview of Finch Books

Australian and African Finches are popular aviary birds in captivity. In the A guide to series books are A Guide to Gouldian Finches and A Guide to Australian Grassfinches. There are a number of finch books that provide details on keeping finches, such as Australian grassfinches, the very popular Gouldian Finch book, and the Zebra Finch Breeders book, the Bengalese Finch book, The Finch Keeper’s Recipe Book, Keeping and Breeding Finches—a Breeder’s Companion, the Encyclopedia of Estrildid Finches, The Goldfinch book, Pekin Robins and softbill book, and Grassfinches in Australia by Joseph Forshaw. Suitable Housing for Finches and Softbills covers all aspect of finch aviary building and finch housing in the aviary and bird cage environment. Softbill Management is a finch book featuring Australian wrens, robins, chats and dotterels kept in Australian aviaries.


Finch DVDs are popular and include aviary visits to breeding complexes of finch breeders from around the world. Lots of housing and feeding of finches help finch breeders devlop stock that breed well are featured in A Selection of Finches, A Selection of South American Parrots, Lories & Lorikeets, Save the World’s Parrots, Breeding & Exhibition of Show Budgies, Birdkeeping the South African Way, The Finches of Africa, Keeping Finches, Keeping & Breeding the African Grey and Keeping and Breeding Softbills.


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