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DVD A Selection of Finches
Peter Odekerken
Running Time: 80 minutes
ISBN: n/a
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DVD A Selection of Finches



Peter Odekerken



A Selection of Finches is the fourth DVD produced by Peter Odekerken bird photographer and film producer.

The footage features numerous finch species and subspecies including 27 Australian, 29 African and other examples such as the Cardinal from USA and Mannikins from Asia and New Guinea and Parrotfinches.

Finches are seen bathing and drinking at remote waterholes. The beautiful Gouldian examples of both the Red-headed and Black-headed variety are pictured with juveniles. Other visual highlights includes the glorious Violet-eared Waxbill search for insects, extraordinary Whydahs Weavers at nest and so much more to detail in this brief precise.

Two detailed interviews with well-known breeders—Russell Kingston and Gary Fitt—provide valuable information on aviary set-ups, feeding methods, watering systems and more. Gary shares his method of producing maggots—an essential livefood for many finch species.

Peter has again produced high definition film and photographs into a wonderful informative DVD depicting the beauty of the finch families.

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