Australian Grassfinches
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A Guide to Gouldian Finches (Revised Edition)
ABK Publications
160 Pages
ISBN: 978 0975081716
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A Guide to Gouldian Finches (Revised Edition)

Contributing authors—Dr Rob Marshall, Dr Milton Lewis, Ron Tristram and Dr Terry Martin have presented their combined knowledge in this definitive book on the Gouldian Finch, their management, breeding, health and mutations in captivity. Featuring over 300 colour photographs and including an extensive description of all mutations this book contains all the information that any breeder or keeper requires.

In The Wild
    Field Description
    Temperature Control
    Carry Boxes
    Sprouted Seeds
    Dry Seed
    Stock Selection
    Egg Laying and Incubation
    Breeding Mutations

    Various Mutations
    Recessive Inheritance Table
    Colour Mutations    
    Genetic Inheritance
    Gene Action
    Pigmentation and Colour Production
    Head Colours
    Body Colour
    Rare Mutations
    Colour Combinations
Health and Disease
    Natural Behaviour
    Diseases and Disorders

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