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DVD In Search of Parrots Volume Two
Peter Odekerken
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DVD In Search of Parrots Volume Two

In Search of Parrots—Volume Two

Running Time 40 mins

This is the second in the series In Search of Parrots—Part Two continues the series with footage taken in areas such as New Guinea—see diminutive Pygmy Parrots, and on Halmahera view exceptional footage of the Red-cheeked Parrot at the nest site.

Birds endemic to New Zealand, Solomon Islands, Fiji Islands including Vini Lorikeets of the Pacific are magnificent in their habitat.

On to South America—see the parrots of Colombia—the Yellow-eared, Golden-plumed and possibly the only footage at the time of the Fuertes’s Parrot feeding in the Andes Mountains.

Peter is working on Volume 3 which will cover Brazil, Africa and more Australian Parrots.



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