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DVD Birdman, William T Cooper
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DVD Birdman, William T Cooper

Produced, Directed, Filmed and Edited by Sarah Scragg

Running Time: 28 mins, G, $25.00 + P&H

Birdman is an intimate documentary that follows world-renowned wildlife artist, William T Cooper (Bill), as he opens the doors of his studio inviting us in to share his techniques and processes as he begins to create 30 exquisite scientifically accurate works of art for his final exhibition.

Now in his 80th year, Bill’s enthusiasm for painting and learning has not waned. Appreciated globally by art collectors, Bill has been described by Sir David Attenborough, as ‘Australia’s greatest living scientific painter of birds—possibly the best in the world.’

Richly filmed over two years at his studio in the tropical rainforest of Far North Queensland, the audience will come to understand the evolution of the artist and his dedication to perfection. 

Bill’s interest in birds began early in life and later he became a land and seascape painter, before returning to birds. While living in his hometown of Newcastle, he accepted advice from other great artists such as Sir William Dobell. 

This intriguing documentary explores the development and techniques leading up to his finished works as we watch with fascination as artworks evolve. With a reputation for accuracy and a personal mantra that each new work must be better than his last, he is under pressure to create his best pieces.

Bill’s exhibition of the work filmed in the making sold out in record time. This DVD is a wonderful record of this master and a privilege to be allowed an insight into his working practice. 

About William T. Cooper

This talented man has a large following in Australia and an even larger following in Europe and America. He was presented with the Academy of Natural Sciences Philadelphia USA gold medal for distinction for 'artistic endeavors and life's work which have contributed to mankind's better understanding and appreciation of living things'. He is the only Australian to ever receive it. 

William T Cooper also received the Order of Australia for his contribution to Art and Ornithology.

The Australia National Library and the Papua New Guinea Government have purchased entire collections of his work and he has even designed postage stamps for PNG and many of his books have had multiple runs from the publishers.

His biography—the An Eye for Nature, the Life and Art of William T Cooper—by Penny Olsen is also available from ABK.


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