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ABK Publications Produce Quality Books on Birds and Australian BirdKeeper Magazine and Reptile Publications produce Books on Reptiles, Frogs, Turtles and Invertebrates

Since 1987 ABK Publications has been a world leader in bird-related content. ABK produces the international pet and aviary bird magazine Australian BirdKeeper featuring articles by bird breeders, bird vets, bird conservationists and pet bird behaviour specialists.

ABK Publications also produce a colourful range of bird books and bird DVDs featuring cockatoos, Cockatiels, Budgerigars, Quaker parrots, Caiques, lories and lorikeets, Australian parrots, Amazon parrots and macaws and most captive finch species from around the world.

These world acclaimed, colourful and informative educational bird books are named the A Guide to… bird book series and cover the management, care and breeding of numerous bird species. Each bird species book provides numerous colour photos that support the valuable information on all aspects of keeping pet and aviary birds.

View the comprehensive range of parrot and finch breeding books and bird DVDs featuring beautiful colour photography at the Bird Book shop.

Reptile Publications produce a series of reptile books, lizard books, snake books, python books, frog books and turtle books.

The world renowned A Guide to reptiles and amphibians provide concise and colourful details on the management, care and breeding of various animals including Reptile, Frog and Turtle books.

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