Bird Books, Aviary and Pet Bird Books

Aimed at the aviary and pet bird keeper the A Guide to series of pet bird books and aviary books published by ABK Publications include Asiatic Parrots and their mutations featuring Indian Ringnecks and Alexandrines, Moustache Parrots and Plum-headed Parrots. Australian Long and Broad-tailed Parrots including the King Parrot, Crimson-winged Parrot, Princess Parrot, Superb Parrot. Regent Parrot, Mulga Parrot, Cloncurry Parrot, Port Lincoln Parrot and New Zealand Kakarikis. Other A Guide to bird books include Australian White Cockatoos (Galahs, corellas and Major Mitchell’s Parrot), Basic Health and Disease in Birds—finches and parrots, Black Cockatoos (Red-tailed Black Cockatoo, White-tailed Black Cockatoo and Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos and the rare Palm Cockatoo) as Pet and Aviary Birds, Cockatiels and their Mutations, Colour Mutations and Genetics in Parrots, Eclectus Parrots, Grey Parrots as Pet and Aviary Birds, Incubation and Handraising Parrots, Lories and Lorikeets, Lovebirds—Owners Manual and Reference Guide, Macaws as Pet and Aviary Birds, Neophema and Neopsephotus Genera & their Mutations, Neophema and Psephotus Grass Parrots, Pet and Companion Birds, Pheasants and Waterfowl, Pigeons, Doves and Quail, Popular Conures as Pet and Aviary Birds, Rosellas and their Mutations, and Under the Microscope—Microscope Use and Pathogen Identification.


Other aviary bird books include macaw books, quaker books, Amazon books, caique books and books on lovebirds that cover their housing, feeding, breeding, mutations and health in captivity. Popular aviary books on Australian grass parrots include the Neophema and the Psephotus grass parrot books which feature the Red-rumped parrot, the Bourke’s parrot, the Turquoisine Parrot, the Scarlet-chested parrot, the Elegant parrot, the Blue-winged parrot, the Rock parrot the Hooded Parrot, the Blue-bonnet parrot and the Golden-shouldered parrot and the Hooded parrot. Full breeding details on all the grass parrots are provided, as well as mutations in many of the Neophema grass parrots.


Other popular aviary birds include chickens and poultry and the books that explain how to house, keep, feed poultry such as Backyard Poultry—Naturally, Birdscaping Australian Gardens, the Chicken Health Handbook, the Backyard Duck Book, the Contented Chook, Storey’s Guide to Raising Chickens and Storey’s Guide to Raising Ducks.


Other specialist aviary bird books on pigeons, doves and quail include A Guide to Pigeons, Doves and Quail and the Flying Vet’s Pigeon Health and Management—dealing with racing pigeons.


Pet bird books in the range include A Guide to Pet and Companion Birds, Good Parrotkeeping, Guide to the Quaker Parrot as pets, How to Care For and Tame your pet Budgerigar, Budgerigars—A Complete Pet Owners Manual, Lovebirds—A Complete Pet Owners Manual and Macaws—A Complete Pet Owners Manual and Canaries— A Complete Pet Owners Manual.


Some of the Steve Parish range of bird books, including A Wild Australia Guide—Birds and A Wild Australia Guide—Parrots, are like pocket guides and explain brief aspects of wild birds and parrots.


Aviary Birds

Aviary bird breeding in captivity has been a long-time hobby of bird lovers the world over. Bird breeding books explain how to select a bird for breeding, preparing for the bird breeding season, the importance of a compatible bird breeding pair, how to feed parrots and finches a nutritious pre-breeding diet and a diet to provide breeding birds with the foods so they can maintain healthy chicks in the nest resulting in healthy juveniles and fledgings. The ABK aviary bird books feature breeding tips including nesting, with examples of nests for different finches and parrots in the aviary. The parrot incubation and handrearing book provides all the information to assist the handrearer including help with incubation problems and handrearing formulas and chick feeding problems.


Included in the aviary bird book range are Asiatic Parrots and their Mutations, Australian Broad-tailed Parrots, Australian Cockatoos, Australian Coral-billed Parrots, Australian Grass Parrakeets—The Neophema, Australian Grass Parrakeets—The Psephotus & Northiella, Australian Lorikeets—Experiences in the Field and Aviary, Birdscaping Australian Gardens, Caiques—Their Care, Breeding & Some Natural History, Encyclopaedia of Agapornis, Encyclopaedia of Aviculture, Guide to the Quaker Parrot, Lovebirds—Owners Manual & Reference Guide, The Asiatic Parrot Breeder’s Handbook, The Indian Ringneck Breeder’s Handbook, and the DVDs Breeding Budgerigars for Beginners, Budgerigar Breeders Expectations, ,A Selection of Finches, A Selection of South American Parrots, Lories & Lorikeets, Save the World’s Parrots, Breeding & Exhibition of Show Budgies, Birdkeeping the South African Way, The Finches of Africa, Keeping Finches and Keeping and Breeding the African Grey.


ABK Publications also produce a very imformative range of avairy books such as Asiatic Parrots, Australian Long and Broad-tailed Parrots and NZ Kakarikis, Australian White Cockatoos, Basic Health and Disease in Birds, Black Cockatoos as Pet & Aviary Birds, Cockatiels & their Mutations, Colour Mutations and Genetics in Parrots, Eclectus Parrots, Grey Parrots as Pet & Aviary Birds, Incubation & Handraising Parrots, Lories & Lorikeets, Macaws as Pet & Aviary Birds, Neophema & Neopsephotus Genera & their Mutations, Neophema & Psephotus Grass Parrots, Pheasants & Waterfowl Pigeons, Doves & Quail, Rosellas and their Mutations and Popular Conures as Pet & Aviary Birds.


All these aviary books cover housing aviary birds, feeding aviary birds, breeding aviary birds, incubation of parrots, handrearing parrots, health and diseases in aviary birds and mutations in aviary birds, particularly Budgerigars, Indian Ringnecks, neophemas and psephotus grass parrots.


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