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Callington Reptile Enclosure Insecticide Mite Spray 100g
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Callington Reptile Enclosure Insecticide Mite Spray 100g

For use against snake and python mites

APVMA Approval No 59308

100g Aerosol

Callington Reptile Enclosure Insecticide effectively and safely kills and controls mites.

The aerosol spray leaves an invisible residue that works against mites as well.

  • Safe for reptiles
  • Effectively kills and controls mites
  • No need to rinse off after application
  • Easy to use aerosol
  • Low toxicity


·         Remove food and the water bowl from the enclosure before application.

·         Leave the snake in the enclosure.

·         Apply a 4-5 second spray for an enclosure 50cm x 100cm and for larger enclosures,

            spray for longer.

·         Do not rinse the enclosure after spray.

·         Replace the water bowl after 24 hours. This will avoid the snake soaking and reducing the effectiveness of treatment.

·         Repeat treatment every 7 days until mites are eradicated.

·         After treating the reptile and the enclosure, spray a line around the enclosure to create a barrier.

·         Frequently (every day or two) spray around the enclosure to keep the barrier working during treatment.

·         Use paper as bedding during treatment so that changing the bedding is easier.

·         Do not wait to treat mites as they are the number one killers of reptiles.

·         Spray the enclosure surrounding area as well.


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