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 Help Save The Parrots Today

Monday, November 19, 2018

Parrots around the world are under threat from trapping, habitat loss and persecution. 

Thanks to caring people like you, we’re making excellent progress in helping these special birds. But there is much more to do, and we need your help.

Your gift today can help us continue to:

* Protect wild parrots from the devastating effects of the wildlife trade;
* Inspire local communities through engaging education programs;
* Restore and protect critical ecosystems with local partners;
* Provide emergency help to parrots in peril;
* Take immediate action on important conservation priorities;

...and much more, as the need arises.

Thanks to a generous sponsor, your gift will be matched until 31 January, 2019! That means twice the impact you can make for parrots.

The parrots of the world thank you!

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